Dream Nation
The Dream Nation Podcast - By Casanova Brooks
6 days ago

Episode 20 - 🎤 Rashad Bilal financial advice on college hacking, taking on debt and finding your business niche

A seasoned financial advisor shares with us his journey and essential tips to master our resources.

15 days ago

Episode 18 - Event Review - Warren Buffet @ Berkshire 2019

My short recap of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting with the Oracle of Omaha

19 days ago

Episode 17 - 🎤Dr Will Moreland Interview

One of America's top speakers tells us how he got in the game

a month ago

Episode 15 - 🎤 Jullien Gordon Interview

Jullien is a freedom finder who helps tap into their entrepreneurial qualities. With Harriet Tubman as his inspiration, he's on a mission to set free as many as he can.

a month ago

Episode 14 - ☕ A conversation with Jaymes Sime

A recording of a really insightful chat with non-profit rockstar Jaymes Sime

a month ago

Episode 13 - 🎤 Danita Webb Interview

The inspiring story of a woman who overcame the odds to become one of Omaha's top educators

a month ago

Episode 12 - ⚡ Quick Boost: Personal Development

A 10 minute clip on improving your morning and life routine

a month ago

Episode 11 - 🎤 Collin Schwartz On-The-Go Interview

On an impromptu raw interview, Collin tells the story of how he made the transition from IT to a succesful carrer in real estate investments